How To Put Up Curtains In An Apartment?

Putting up curtains in an apartment involves hanging fabric panels over windows for privacy, light control, and decor. It typically requires curtain rods, hooks, or tracks to secure the curtains in place. Curtains can enhance the ambiance of a space while offering functional benefits like insulation and reducing outside noise.

Want to learn the easy way to hang curtains in your apartment? Discover the simple steps in How To Put Up Curtains In An Apartment. Grab your tools, follow along and transform your space in no time. Let’s make your windows pop with style. It’s curtain time!

Discover the ultimate guide on how to hang curtains in your apartment effortlessly. Stay with us to uncover step-by-step instructions and insider tips for a hassle free curtain setup. Keep reading to transform your space and add that perfect touch of coziness and style to your windows!

Command Hooks for curtains

Command Hooks for curtains

Command hooks for curtains are a game changer in apartment living. These handy damage free hooks offer a simple solution for hanging curtains without drilling holes. Just peel, stick and hang your curtains hassle free perfect for temporary setups or rental spaces. 

They come in various sizes offering versatility and a stress free way to add privacy and style to your windows. These hooks are a renter’s dream allowing easy installation and removal without leaving marks or damage. 

Their sturdy hold ensures your curtains stay in place offering a practical and temporary solution for window treatments. With Command hooks for curtains you can personalize your space effortlessly giving you the freedom to decorate and transform your apartment without worry.

Gather Necessary Tools and Materials Curtains

Gather Necessary Tools and Materials Curtains

Gathering the tools and materials for hanging curtains is key to a successful setup. You’ll need essentials like curtain rods brackets a level measuring tape screws and a drill for installation. And don’t overlook the curtains themselves select the perfect color curtains to go with beige walls that complement your apartment’s style and window dimensions.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary items, lay them out and double check everything before starting. Having all your tools and materials at hand ensures a smooth and efficient curtain hanging process. With these basics in place you’re ready to spruce up your windows and add a touch of personality to your apartment’s decor.

Measure Your Windows Accurately Curtains

Accurate measurements are key when it comes to choosing curtains for your windows. Start by measuring the width and height of your window frame to ensure the perfect fit. Remember to add a few extra inches to both dimensions for a fuller look when the curtains are drawn closed.

For precise measurements, use a tape measure and jot down the width from one end of the window to the other then measure the height from the top of the frame to the floor. These accurate figures will guide you when selecting the right curtain size, ensuring they hang beautifully and complement your windows flawlessly.

Choose the Right Type of Curtains

When choosing curtains consider these types: 

  • Blackout Curtains: Ideal for bedrooms they block light and offer privacy.
  • Sheer Curtains: Light and airy perfect for adding elegance without blocking much light.
  • Thermal Curtains: Energy efficient they regulate temperature and reduce drafts.
  • Tab Top/Rod Pocket Curtains: Easy to hang and add a casual relaxed look to your space.

Consider Privacy and Light Control Needs Curtains

Curtains are essential for addressing privacy and light control needs in any space. Whether you prefer sheer fabrics for filtering light or blackout curtains for complete darkness choosing the right curtains can enhance your comfort and create the desired ambiance.

 Consider your privacy preferences and how much natural light you want ensuring your curtains cater to these needs for a cozy and functional living environment.

Select Appropriate Curtain Rods or Tracks

Select Appropriate Curtain Rods or Tracks

Choosing the right curtain rods or tracks is crucial for your window treatment. The ideal rods or tracks should complement your curtains and fit your window size perfectly. Consider the weight and style of your curtains to select rods that can support them effectively ensuring smooth movement if using tracks. Pick wisely for a seamless and functional match between your curtains and the rods/tracks!

Try Kwik Hang Curtain Rod Brackets 

Give your curtains a quick and easy makeover with Kwik Hang Curtain Rod Brackets. These innovative brackets eliminate the need for measuring and leveling making installation a breeze. Simply snap them in place and hang your curtains hassle free. Upgrade your window decor effortlessly with Kwik Hang for a stylish and convenient solution!

Decide on Curtain Length and Width

When deciding on curtain length and width, consider the window size and your desired style. Measure the length from the rod to where you want the curtains to end ensuring they graze the floor for a classic look or hang slightly above for a modern feel.

 For width, aim for curtains that are 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window to achieve a full elegant drape. Getting these dimensions right adds charm and functionality to your space effortlessly!

Prepare Your Apartment Walls for Installation Curtains

Preparing your apartment walls for curtain installation is key for a flawless setup. Clear the area, check for studs or use anchors, and ensure your walls are clean and dry. By prepping your walls properly you’ll guarantee a secure and stable foundation for hanging curtains creating a polished and cozy atmosphere in your space.

No drill curtain rods ikea

No drill curtain rods ikea

No-drill curtain rods from IKEA are convenient solutions for hanging curtains without damaging walls. These rods come with innovative designs that use tension or adhesive mounts eliminating the need for drilling holes. 

They’re easy to install and perfect for rented spaces where drilling isn’t allowed, offering flexibility and versatility for decorating your windows hassle free. IKEA’s no drill curtain rods provide a range of options from spring loaded tension rods to adhesive based solutions catering to various window sizes and curtain weights. 

With these rods, you can achieve a polished look for your window treatments without the hassle of drilling, making them an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and adaptability in their home decor solutions.

Locate and Mark Mounting Points for Hardware Curtains

Locating and marking mounting points for curtain hardware involves finding the ideal spots on your wall for installation. Use a pencil to mark where the brackets or screws will go ensuring they align with your window frame and desired curtain placement. This step is crucial for a secure and balanced setup so take your time and measure twice before drilling!

Use the Correct Anchors for Your Wall Type Curtains

  • For drywall: Opt for plastic anchors, perfect for lightweight curtains ensuring a secure hold without damaging the wall.
  • Concrete or brick walls: Choose sturdy expansion anchors for a robust grip when hanging curtains in these solid surfaces.
  • Plaster walls: Consider toggle bolts providing stability and support for heavier curtain rods on these surfaces.
  • Hollow walls: Use molly bolts to distribute weight evenly ideal for ensuring a firm attachment for your curtains without compromising the wall’s integrity.

Install Curtain Rods or Tracks Securely

Ensuring secure installation of curtain rods or tracks is crucial for sturdy support. Properly anchored rods or tracks prevent accidents and ensure your curtains hang perfectly. By securely installing these fixtures you’ll enjoy peace of mind and a polished look for your window treatments.

Hang Curtains with Proper Hooks or Rings

Hang Curtains with Proper Hooks or Rings

When hanging curtains using the right hooks or rings is key for a flawless setup. These tools ensure your curtains drape elegantly and glide smoothly along the rod.

Proper hooks or rings not only support the fabric but also add a touch of finesse to your window decors. Choosing the correct ones will make your curtain hanging experience a breeze and elevate the look of your space effortlessly.

Ensure Even Distribution of Fabric Curtains

Ensuring an even distribution of fabric curtains is key for a polished look. It involves spreading the fabric evenly along the curtain rod to avoid bunching or uneven folds. Achieving this ensures a neat and symmetrical appearance for your curtains, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your windows and room décor.

Adjust and Level for a Professional Look Curtains

Achieve that polished, professional curtain look by mastering the art of adjusting and leveling. It’s all about precision: make sure your curtains hang evenly and align perfectly with the floor. Proper adjustment ensures a clean tailored appearance elevating the aesthetics of your space effortlessly. Level up your curtain game for that sleek designer finish you’ll love!

Renter friendly curtains

Renter friendly curtains

Renter-friendly curtains are a game changer for those in apartments or leased spaces. These curtains offer easy installation without causing damage to walls or windows usually relying on tension rods or adhesive hooks for hanging. They’re a practical choice for those wanting to personalize their space without risking their security deposit. 

With various styles and sizes available renter friendly curtains provide flexibility and style allowing tenants to transform their living areas hassle free. These curtains cater to the needs of renters offering a simple yet effective way to add privacy and personality to their homes. 

Designed with convenience in mind they’re easily removable and don’t require drilling holes or complex installations. Renter friendly curtains make it possible to create a cozy and customized environment without worrying about altering the property making them an ideal solution for temporary living spaces.

Consider Additional Window Treatments Curtains

  • Layering: Try pairing curtains with blinds or shades for added privacy and light control.
  • Valances: Consider decorative valances to complement your curtains and add a stylish touch.
  • Sheers: Use sheer curtains alongside heavier drapes for a soft diffused light effect.
  • Tie backs: Enhance your curtains with tie-backs for a neat and elegant look when they’re open.
  • Cornices: Install cornices above curtains for a polished structured appearance.
  • Swags: Experiment with swags or scarf style treatments to bring a touch of sophistication to your windows.

Address Issues with Uneven Windows or Walls Curtains

Dealing with uneven windows or walls when hanging curtains? No worries! Addressing these issues involves clever tricks like adjustable rods or using different curtain lengths to create an illusion of balance. You can also opt for creative solutions like layering curtains or using tiebacks to mask unevenness. With a bit of ingenuity, addressing these quirks can actually add character and charm to your space!

Hang Curtains With Command Hooks  

Hang Curtains With Command Hooks  

Hanging curtains with Command hooks is a simple and damage free way to dress up your windows. These hooks offer an easy solution without drilling holes perfect for temporary setups in rented spaces. Just apply the hooks, attach the curtain rod and voila! Enjoy stylish curtains hassle-free and without leaving a mark when it’s time to take them down.

Optimize Space with Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks are nifty accessories that help optimize space by elegantly holding curtains aside. They provide a simple yet stylish solution for keeping curtains neatly gathered allowing more light into the room and creating a spacious feel. With various designs and materials available curtain tiebacks add a touch of charm while maximizing the functionality of your window treatments.

Explore Creative Curtain Hanging Ideas

Delve into a world of imaginative ways to hang curtains! Explore creative curtain hanging ideas that go beyond the norm from unconventional rods to unique tie backs. Discover inventive solutions that’ll transform your space into a stylish haven. Dive in and let your imagination flow with these innovative curtain hanging inspirations!

Renter Friendly Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling 

  • Tension Rods: Use these adjustable rods for a snug fit between window frames without any drilling.
  • Command Hooks: Hang curtains with adhesive hooks that stick to surfaces without leaving marks.
  • Magnetic Curtain Rods: Perfect for metal frames these rods snap into place without any drilling needed.
  • Tension Wire Systems: Create a sleek look by suspending curtains on wire cables without drilling holes.
  • Pressure Rods: Install these rods by simply adjusting their length and pressing them against the window frame.
  • Curtain Clips: Attach clips to fabric and hang curtains on existing hardware or lines without drilling.
  • Velcro Strips: Stick one side to the wall and the other to the curtain header for a drilling free setup.

Maintain and Clean Your Curtains Regularly

Regularly maintaining and cleaning your curtains is key to preserving their freshness and longevity. A simple routine of gentle vacuuming or shaking out dust depending on the fabric, helps keep them looking their best. Follow care labels for washing or dry cleaning ensuring a clean and inviting ambiance in your home while extending the life of your beloved curtains.

Troubleshoot Common Curtain Installation Problems Curtain

Common Curtain Installation ProblemsTroubleshooting Solutions
Curtains Won’t Stay UpUse sturdy brackets or anchors for support. Double-check measurements and ensure proper installation of rods or tracks. Consider lighter curtains or additional hardware for better support.
Uneven Hanging or Crooked AlignmentMeasure and mark placement accurately before installing. Use a level to ensure rods or tracks are straight. Adjust brackets or supports as needed for even alignment.
Difficulty in Opening or ClosingCheck for obstructions along the curtain track or rod. Lubricate tracks or rods for smoother movement. Ensure proper curtain weight and consider adjusting the type of curtain rings or hooks.
Excessive Wrinkling or BunchingOpt for proper curtain sizes that match the window dimensions. Iron or steam curtains before installation to remove wrinkles. Adjust pleats or folds evenly for a smoother appearance.
Light Leakage or Privacy IssuesUse blackout or lined curtains to prevent light leakage. Install curtains slightly wider than the window frame for better coverage. Consider using blinds or shades for enhanced privacy.

Window Treatments For Renters: How to Hang Curtains In Your Rental Apartment 

Looking to spruce up your rental apartment? Explore the world of window treatments for renters! Learn the art of hanging curtains in your temporary space without leaving a mark. Discover creative solutions and four ways to hang curtains in a rental that add charm and personality to your windows while keeping your landlord happy. Dive into our guide and elevate your rental’s ambiance effortlessly!

Personalize Your Space with Curtain Accessories

Curtain accessories are the perfect way to personalize your space! From tie backs and holdbacks to decorative rods and finials these accents add flair and functionality to your curtains. 

Elevate your room’s style with a touch of elegance or playfulness by choosing accessories that complement your decor. With a range of options available, it’s easy to infuse your unique personality into your space using these curtain embellishments!

Hang curtains without rods and hooks

When you don’t have rods or hooks there’s still a way to hang curtains easily. Try using adhesive hooks or clips on the wall to secure the fabric. You can even get creative by using tension rods or a dowel and some twine for a makeshift curtain setup.

Alternatively, consider using curtain wire or a cable system. Thread the wire through the curtain’s casing and attach it to hooks or eyelets installed on the wall. With a little innovation you can stylishly hang curtains even without traditional rods and hooks!

Frequently Asking Question ( FAQS ) 

How can I hang curtains in my apartment?

Learn the simple steps to effortlessly hang curtains in your apartment and elevate your space instantly!

Should curtains touch the floor or not?

Curtains can touch the floor for a cozy elegant look or hover slightly above for a modern tailored feel. It’s all about your style preference!

Why should curtains touch the floor?

Curtains touching the floor add elegance and create a polished finished look to any room.

How much space should be between curtain and wall?

Leave about 1-3 inches of space between your curtain and the wall for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

What is the first measurement for curtains?

The first measurement for curtains is the width of your window for proper coverage and a balanced look.


Putting up curtains in your apartment is a simple yet transformative process. By following the steps outlined you can easily enhance your space’s ambiance while adding functionality. With the right tools and a bit of know how you’ll master the art of curtain installation making your apartment feel cozier and more personalized in no time. So don’t hesitate to bring your windows to life and enjoy the newfound comfort and style!

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